Guard Against Leader Arrogance

Guard Against Leader Arrogance

Vince Crew

Word Count: 316 words
Time to Read: 30-45 seconds

Arrogance disguises itself in little things that become damaging habits…

  • You can’t take phone calls.
  • You can’t respond to emails
  • You can’t be bothered with an introductory meeting.

If you solicit ideas from your direct reports, it’s simply a technique, because their ideas aren’t going to be given any credence.

But it’s not your fault…  You ARE incredibly busy and very important.  But you know what?  So is everyone else.

A true leader knows how to manage his/her time in order to accomplish more than the average worker.  That means finding time for calls; being eager to meet new people; and thinking that others might have a perspective worthy of consideration.

Being in a position of leadership dictates more is expected of you.  Anyone can dismiss others as “unimportant” or ideas as “insignificant” and yet the only reason you rose to your position was because of others’ listening, encouraging, supporting, and trusting you.

Two of the earliest casualties of success are humility and appreciation of others.

It’s easy to be above-it-all and ‘hide’ from others while enjoying a position of leadership – don’t.

The sooner you can get a grip on managing your time, your work, and your life, the more productive and happy… yes, happy you’ll be.  Happiness is a term that escapes many leaders; however the leader of character, courage, and class knows how to lead and still find a calm in life too.

Authority is an incredible rush.  Success is a powerful stimulant.  And like anything we find enjoyable, we must maintain our mastery over it, and not allow it to rob us of our spirit to recognize humility, respect, and time for others.

And as one of my all-time-favorite cartoons from the early 1980’s depicts, it’s usually to your advantage to beware of leader arrogance and don’t consider everything an interruption.



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