7 Legal Marketing/Business Development Tips from Recent Tweets

7 Legal Marketing/Business Development Tips from Recent Tweets

Jeff Wolf, President, RCC
  • Clients want to know you feel their pain. Ask powerful questions to get your services to sell themselves.        
  • In your bio – differentiate yourself by identifying what your strengths are and how those strengths benefit clients.        
  • When prospecting, don’t sell at every meeting. Your objective - make progress in your relationship with your prospect.        
  • This economy is a great opportunity for smart rainmakers to do well while others complain about how bad it is.        
  • Internal networking is critical. You can’t cross-sell your partner’s practice if you don’t know exactly what he/she does.        
  • Pitches: There is no such thing as window dressing. Every person must have an essential role in the meeting.        
  • All great rainmakers have one trait in common: they treat their current clients as if they are prospects.

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