10 Legal Marketing Tips from Recent Tweets

10 Legal Marketing Tips from Recent Tweets

Jeff Wolf, President, RCC
  •  Relationships are key. People want to do business with other people they like and trust.  It takes time – patience is a virtue.
  •  Get out! You’ll never meet anyone sitting at your desk or in the office.
  •  Blogging, tweeting, speaking and writing position you as an expert in your practice area. Clients gravitate to experts.
  •  Write your website bio from the perspective of your client. What makes you unique and how do you overcome their problems.
  •  Rainmaking takes time, commitment and not being afraid to step out of your comfort zone.
  •  Comment at one of my workshops: “I’d hate to be a forty year old attorney without a book of business in today’s economy.”
  •  Focus your efforts on selected target markets with specific activities. Don’t confuse activity with productivity.
  •  Cross-sell internally. Make sure colleagues know what you do and about your successes.
  •  Speaking engagements are a great way to attract new business: Presentations – A Way to Become a Magnet for New Business 
  •  In rainmaking, attitude is everything.  You must be motivated, ambitious and driven to produce long term results.

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