10 Leadership Nuggets from Recent Tweets

10 Leadership Nuggets from Recent Tweets

Jeff Wolf, President, RCC
  •  Strong teams are critical - have defined expectations with clear goals, objectives and a shared team vision.
  •  Values are what you stand for and should be shared with your direct reports and team.
  •  People want to work for a company that has a culture of high values, ethics and honesty.
  •  Great leaders surround themselves with the best and brightest... then turn them loose!
  •  By promoting ongoing training and development, you create a pipeline of talented people who are full of thoughts and ideas.
  •  A leader’s upbeat attitude becomes contagious, lifting the morale of those around him or her.
  •  Thrive under pressure in crisis situations. Remain calm, focus on your goals, think clearly, and develop alternative strategies.
  •  Without highly motivated and inspired employees, an organization will struggle to survive and thrive.
  •  In the fast-paced world of business, fun and work often seem to be an oxymoron. Fun should be part of an organization’s overall strategy.
  •  When communicating, leaders must use different formats to get their message across. The most important goal is clarity.

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