Global Strategy and International Business

In any organization, successful business strategy flows through every aspect of a company.  It is clear and concise, driving decisions, performance, and change; it influences the future and incorporates every individual with specific direction.  Strategy determines how to align, acquire and deploy all your resources for measurable success, dictating a vision for the future and creating the force behind it.  On a global perspective, strategy is even more important: understanding world economies, market changes, culture, and overall business philosophy. 

WMC examines all the internal areas of a company to assure that each business unit is properly aligned with the organization’s overall strategy and supports ongoing international objectives and initiatives.  We define a clear long-term strategy and compelling vision, making sure it fits within your mission and values.  We then review your strategy formation and strategic options; evaluate organizational resources; discuss the seven managerial levers, which allow perfect alignment when working together; assess stakeholders and where they fit in; examine your value chain for maximization, and many other crucial areas.  We look at each business unit for inefficiencies, disconnected objectives, ineffective use of resources, and lack of alignment.  The end result is to understand all your company’s core components, align them with your global strategy, and make sure your company is positioned for maximum efficiency and profitability.



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