Executive and Personal Coaching

Being a manager or the leader of a business today is more demanding than ever.  The pace, complexity, and uncertainty have all increased. The margin for error is razor thin, and the cost of management mistakes is so much higher.  Your effectiveness as an executive is inextricably tied to your ability to lead and motivate your team.  But you didn’t become a leader overnight.  You’ve worked hard at your career step by step, exhibiting a level of energy, vision and focus that sets you apart from others. You know what distinguishes a good leader from an exceptional one — and that there is always room for improvement.

While showing, telling and teaching have a legitimate role in business situations, coaching is a collaboration, and a much more mutual and interactive process, in which the coach assists his / her partners in finding their own answers. Truly effective coaching is a process of mutual discovery, which creates an environment that enables the meeting of business challenges, fosters innovation, and enhances overall development.

The tools of the coaching process — dialogue; goal setting; feedback; advice, and encouragement —are used in a customized, innovative manner, are very much hands-on, immediate, and are focused on specific individual and business needs. Individuals or groups who are “well coached” develop increased capability over time. They become better positioned to execute both short and long-term business strategies and goals.

At Wolf Management Consulting we coach leaders including CEOs, presidents, board members, senior executives, management team members, high potential individuals and other key talent. Our coaching programs are future oriented, strengths-based, and aspiration driven. They provide the foundation for achievement of personal and organizational goals, and the tools and understanding to face and overcome your most significant challenges.



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