Jeff Wolf: Executive Business Coach

Coaching Testimonials

Read what a few people are saying who Jeff has been privileged to work with.

Jeff Wolf has been called one of the top executive business coaches in the country and one of the leading experts in the field of executive coaching. His work covers a wide range from CEO’s, presidents and executives to managers, supervisors and business owners. He has been featured on NBC, CBS, CNBC and Fox TV, is the author of the international bestselling book,  Seven Disciplines of a Leader and is known as one of America’s most dynamic speakers. His coaching methods are in demand by people, teams and organizations who are seeking to:

  • Improve individual performance and increase productivity
  • Address leadership development and succession planning
  • Make a significant impact in their long-term success
  • Sharpen the leadership skills of high potential individuals
  • Change behavior of executives to make a long-term positive impact on organizational performance
  • Improve the EQ of leaders
  • Navigate the transition to the next level
  • Enhance executive presence 
  • Develop the skill set of current and future leaders
  • Build high-performing teams
  • Drive change and innovation
  • Become a strategic thinker and drive execution
  • Become an agile leader to lead in the VUCA world 
  • Address specific workplace problems
  • Build job critical competencies
  • Raise employee engagement
  • Lead cross-functional teams
  • Work effectively with a Board of Directors 
  • Achieve individual performance objectives aligned with organizational goals
  • Address the biggest challenges facing people today
  • Improve retention rates and be an employer of choice
  • Ease the isolation of CEO's
  • Enhance communication skills at various levels
  • Improve presentation skills 
  • Break through the Glass Ceiling
  • Optimize interpersonal and relational skills
  • Merge a new senior team
  • Change the abrasive leader
  • Shape organizational or team strategy
  • Build a high-performance culture
  • Enhance organizational talent
  • Create alignment and accountability
  • Build strategic partnerships and relationships
  • Drive profitability or work through mergers and acquistions
  • Transition from a tactical thinker to a strategic leader

Coaching Philosophy

Today’s business environment demands that both organizations and individuals perform at much higher levels than in the past. As a result, leaders must stretch themselves as well as others to achieve challenging goals and bring about real change in often compressed periods of time. What worked for the leader in the past may no longer be sufficient to effectively address new challenges. In this situation, the leader may begin to experience difficulty and to struggle which in turn may result in untimely decision-making, strained interpersonal relationships, and job burnout. Yet, to whom does the leader turn for help and feedback? This is where people, teams and organizations turn to Jeff Wolf to become the catalyst to accelerate change and achieve positive results.

His coaching has delivered dramatic results because he realizes one of the most important aspects of coaching: coaching is not about him, but about the person being coached. He believes people have the answers and solutions and if they want to make a positive behavioral change, Jeff provides techniques and resources for his clients to identify and implement their own solutions. He is there to provide a catalyst for change. He believes great coaches equip people with tools, knowledge and opportunities they need to help them focus on the specific goals they want to achieve.



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