What’s the Story

What’s the Story


What’s the Story?

While every picture tells a story, every story paints a thousand pictures. How are yours framed? Leon McWhorter, award winning creative executive with 15 plus years with The Walt Disney Company delivers a tremendous keynote, one-on-one or multi-day series to assist teams in painting outside the lines, with the colors of success!

Discover the magic of the art of storytelling and the ability to unite and motivate, with effective communication skills only derived from “slice of life” facts and figures.

Categorically speaking, we dive deep.

The Science:

The effectiveness of a story is indisputable, as studies have shown the following impacts on the whole person:

  • A story activates parts of the brain that allows the listener to turn the story into their own ideas and experience, thanks to a process called neural coupling.
  • It allows for the brain to release dopamine into the system following an emotionally charged event, making it easier to remember with greater accuracy.
  • Through mirroring, listeners aren't only experiencing similar brain activity to each other, but also to the speaker.
  • When processing facts, two areas of the brain are activated (Broca’s and Wernicke’s area), a well told story can engage many additional areas, including the motor cortex, frontal cortex, and sensory cortex.

The Art:

  • Demographic realities, story construction, and communication styles
  • Motivation, methodology, back story, and character development
  • Finding relevance in monologue work, improvisation, and drama
  • Audience awareness delivers reactionary values

The Training:

1) Session One:

  • 1.1) “Every Story Tells a Picture”
  • 1.1.a) Introductions/Synopsis

2) Session Two:

  • 2.1) “See the Difference”
  • 2.1.a) Demographic Realities
  • 2.1.b) Communication Styles
  • 2.1.c) Story Construction

3) Session Three:

  • 3.1) “The Way we Were”
  • 3.1.a) Back Story
  • 3.1.b) Character Development
  • 3.1.c) Motivation
  • 3.1.d) Methodology
  • 3.1.e) Styles

4) Session Four:

  • 4.1) “What’s in a Name?”
  • 4.1.a) Dramatic Interpretation
  • 4.1.b) Monologues
  • 4.1.c) Improvisation

5) Session Five:

  • 5.1) “Remaining Relevant”
  • 5.1.a) P’s & Q’s
  • 5.1.b) Assembly Required
  • 5.1.c) Ends and Odds
  • 5.1.d) Audience Awareness

6) Closing Session

  • 6.1) “Best for Last”
  • 6.1.a) Center Stage
  • 6.1.b) Parting Shots


Keynote presentation ranges from forty five to ninety minutes.

Training is customized to company needs and budget, half day, full day or two day plans available. Audience size should be limited to a maximum of 50 to ensure greater team interaction and skills development.

Target Audience:

Human Resources, Sales, Executives, Supervisors, Managers, Team Leaders, Attorneys, Receptionists, Administrative Assistants or anyone representing any company or service at any level. This extensive study will improve morale while enhancing skill sets, driving profit and team growth.

People are Talking:

Leon is the most creative and effective executive I know. He has the ability to organize people and get them to produce to their highest capabilities -- and enjoy doing it. He is top-tier in all aspects of leadership from budgeting to getting people to get things done.
Alan Elliott-Author/Producer

Leon is a consummate professional. He blends strong creative instincts with tremendous business acumen. Leon is also an outstanding team player. I would highly recommend him.
Jean-Paul Colaco-CRO/Jaunt

Leon brings the highest levels of passion and commitment to everything he does. His creative talent and insight is unmatched. He consistently delivered innovative content and programming which molded the brand. His flexibility, business acumen, integrity and desire to help others grow, makes him an incredible leader
Lisa Breen-Manager-HR Business Partner/Disney ABC Television Group

Leon is engaging, insightful and extremely entertaining. When he presented to my class of future advertising professionals he imparted wisdom in a way that left an indelible impression. 
Jason Shipp-Southern Methodist University

Leon delivered an energetic, engaging, and educational communications training for our HR and Learning and Development team with a refreshing style in an action-oriented setting. I would recommend to others that they engage with him to get a new approach to communications and presentation training
Holly Crowder-Chief Human Resource Officer/The Beck Group     

Leon is dedicated, smart and reliable. His drive and understanding of our business helps maximize our revenue. Leon is a pleasure to work with and clients have nothing but great things to say about the work he produces and the team he leads.
Becca Vodnoy-VP Sales/Disney Media & Marketing     

Leon McWhorter is an award winning writer, producer, and director with over 30 years experience training executives, talent and support teams in the magic of storytelling for success. His background with all major media outlets (CBS, NBC, ABC and The Walt Disney Company) will benefit you and your team with keynote or training in the art of the story.


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