Time Management: The Power of Effective Time Management "Filling in the Big Rocks"

Time Management: The Power of Effective Time Management "Filling in the Big Rocks"

Seminar Overview

This seminar represents a breakthrough in time management. Traditional time management suggests working harder, smarter, and faster will help you gain control over your life, and that increased control will make you more effective.

We suggest a different approach

Seminar Outcomes

In this workshop, we present a fundamentally different approach to time management. This interactive session will help you to:

  • Manage your time more effectively, utilizing principles and practices of self- management
  • Focus on activities that yield the greatest results, leading to significant increases in productivity for you and your organization
  • Plan your activities around significant professional and personal roles and goals versus traditional "to do" lists.
  • Organize, prioritize and execute around your priorities
  • Apply and evaluate your commitment to the power of effectiveness in your life

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."

Seminar Key Topics

  • Working effectively versus efficiently
  • The competency of managing time/self effectively
  • The time management matrix tool
  • Balancing effectiveness and efficiency
  • Application of time/self management in one's professional and personal lives.


Module 1: Moving from Time to Self Management

"Thinking About Your Thinking"

  • Video: "Filling in the Big Rocks"
    - Introduces the concept of doing the best things as opposed to the most things
    - Sets the stage to reframe time management from efficiency only to efficiency AND effectiveness.

Module 2: The Time Crunch

"The Tyranny of the Urgent"

  • Group Introductions and Exercise
    - Introduces session participants in terms of their "roles"
    - Identifies time management issues
    - Gives participants opportunity to identify 1 area for greater effectiveness in their professional/personal lives
  • Exercise: The Urgency Index
    - Helps participants assess their own time management behaviors

Module 3: Finding Direction

"The Compass and the Clock"

  • Discussion: The importance of effectiveness and efficiency
    - Explores the power of having a direction or goal in professional and personal life.
  • Tool: The Time (Self) Management Matrix
    - Gives a new definition to the words "urgent" and "important"
    - Provides an in-depth explanation of the 4 Quadrants of Time (Self) Management
  • Exercise: "How does it feel?"
    - Allows participants to re-live each quadrant, explore behaviors, feelings, actions, and consequences of behaviors in each quadrant.
    - Helps participants understand the power of moving into the quadrant of effectiveness

Module 4: Filling in the Big Rocks

"Discipline Without Purpose is Torture"

  • Exercise: What are your "big rocks"?
    - Gives participants the opportunity to identify and share their important professional/personal goals
  • Discussion: How do we reach our goals (the big rocks)?
    - Provides an in-depth discussion of time (self) management based on: Identifying key roles and goals to be achieved, moving from daily to weekly planning, and evaluating progress toward goals.
  • Exercise: "Your 85th Birthday Tribute"
    - What are you doing today to achieve that tribute?
  • Application: What will you be doing next week?
    - Provides participants the time to review their upcoming schedules, using the Time Management Matrix as a tool to manage more effectively.

Module 5: The 30-Day Commitment

"The only way to change a habit is replace it with another"

  • Exercise: A letter to myself
    - Participants are asked to identify one professional area they want to work on for the next 30 days, based on what they have learned from the seminar.
    - The letter will outline the what, why and how they will work one.
    - The letters will be collected and mailed back to the participants after 30 days.


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