Presenting For Impact: Are They Getting Your Message?

Presenting For Impact: Are They Getting Your Message?

Event Overview

This event provides the tools and skills to deliver a persuasive and impactful presentation with confidence, credibility and personal impact. This hands-on workshop uses a combination of demonstrations, exercises, class discussions and application of skills to build the key skills needed to effectively present information to clients. Participants will learn key skills as a group and then receive feedback from a professional facilitator and colleagues on their individual presentations during this event.

Who Should Attend this Event:

People wishing to become more effective at presenting information to clients or prospects.

Event Outcomes

Participants of this event will leave with:

  • An critical path for planning a successful presentation
  • Tools and techniques to reduce speaker apprehension
  • Specific techniques to improve platform skills.
  • The ability to give and receive effective feedback
  • An increased understanding of the importance of posture, attire, gestures and establishing proper eye contact during a presentation
  • Increased ability to effectively use pitch, inflection, volume, rate, pausing and clarity
  • The ability to analyze an audience and structure a presentation quickly utilizing a tried and true organizational tool.
  • An increased understanding of how to effectively integrate visual aids into presentations

Event Key Topics

  • A framework for analyzing your audience to ensure they'll listen
  • Techniques For Overcoming Communication Apprehension
  • A 9-step planning process for individuals or teams
  • Structuring your presentation so that your information is heard AND retained
  • Platform skills
  • How you can be an engaging visual aid
  • Interacting effectively with your visual aids
  • Persuasive Cycle Tool

Event Length: This is a 2-day event


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