Negotiating to Win/Win: Breaking the Traditional Rules of Negotiating

Negotiating to Win/Win: Breaking the Traditional Rules of Negotiating

Workshop Overview

In today's environment, successful businesses must view relationships with new and existing clients with a "business partner" mentality. As a result of this business partnership, traditional rules of negotiating are no longer successful. Winning in today's environment requires the ability to continually negotiate in a way that builds and strengthens long-term productive relationships, where both sides achieve their desired outcome. This one day, highly interactive and experiential event is based on the five- step strategy of principled negotiation from Ury and Fisher's bestseller Getting to Yes. It provides a clear framework for understanding the mechanics of successful negotiations — before, during and after the discussion. A key outcome of the workshop is becoming a reflective negotiator: someone who thinks about not just what they are negotiating, but also how. Through practice, participants learn from each negotiation so that they can be more skillful in the next. Participants will master the theory of negotiation, learn the stages of negotiation, and come away with specific strategies and techniques that work!

Workshop Length: 2 days (1-day version also available)

Workshop Outcomes

Participants of this event will leave with:

  • A clear understanding of the various styles of negotiation
  • The ability to select and use the most effective negotiation style for a given situation
  • The ability to negotiate with positive influence
  • The skills necessary to create a win/win outcome to a negotiation situation
  • The ability to integrate the concept of "value add" into the negotiation process
  • The ability to apply a five-step strategy of principled negotiation

Workshop Key Topics

  • Negotiation Defined
  • Positional Bargaining And Principled Negotiaton
  • Preparing To Negotiate
  • Five-Step Negotiation Strategy
  • Styles of Negotiating
  • Separating the People from The Problem
  • Positively Influencing a Negotiation
  • Positions and Interests


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