I Speak Your Language... Or Do I?

I Speak Your Language... Or Do I?

Workshop Overview:

When talking with colleagues in the workplace, why is it that you "click" with some, and get so frustrated with others? It could be that you're speaking different "languages!" The communication style (or "language") we use with others, and the style(s) others use with us can have a great impact on how effectively we work together. Come explore the various communication styles, discover your style, and learn new ways to communicate with others that will ensure productive, effective working relationships.

Workshop Outcomes:

Participants of the session will:

  • Assess their own communication style using the "I Speak Your   Language" instrument
  • Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their preferred   communication style
  • Learn to use the most advantageous communication style when   working with others in and out of the workplace..

Workshop Key Topics:

  • The Communication Challenge
  • The Four Styles of Communication
  • Communication Under Stress
  • Perceptions: How Do Others See Me?
  • Strategies for Enhancing Effective Communication With Others

Workshop Length: 1 day

I Speak Your Language... Or do I? Workshop Outline

  • Welcome, Intros
  • Mod 1: The Communication Challenge
    - Exercise: "It Drives Me Crazy When..."
  • Mod 2: Exploring the 4 Communication Styles
    - The Sensor Style
    - The Intuitor Style
    - The Thinker Style
    - The Feeler Style
    - Exploring the Styles Under Favorable Conditions
    - Exercise: My Style at Its Best
  • Mod 3: Styles Under Stress
    - Exploring Your "Back-Up " Style
    - Exercise: Your Back-Up Style
  • Mod 4: A View From a Different Angle: Perceptions of Others
    - How Do Others View Your Style?
    - Exercise: My Style at Its Best/Worst
  • Mod 5: Strategies for Increased Effectiveness
    - Growth Strategies: Increasing Communication Effectiveness
    - Exercise: My Personal Growth Strategy
  • Workshop Close


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