Conflict Management Fundamentals - Fight Nice!

Conflict Management Fundamentals - Fight Nice!

Workshop Overview:

This workshop explores how to manage conflicts and differences. Every day we must deal with differences: opinions, ideals, values, needs expectations, styles, behaviors and interests. Each of these differences has the potential for raising conflict. Successful businesses understand that developing conflict management/resolution skills within the workforce is no longer a "nice-to-know" subject, but has become a strategic imperative. This interactive workshop provides an opportunity to identify the various sources of conflict within organzations, explore conflict management/resolutions styles, and develop skills to effectively manage conflict in the workplace. Facilitator-guided discussion, self-assessment, skill practice and application will allow participants learn how to "fight nice".

Workshop Outcomes:

Participants of the session will:

  • Understand the nature and sources of conflict in organizations
  • Assess their own conflict management style
  • Develop new approaches to effectively manage conflict

Workshop Key Topics

  • The Roots of Conflict
  • From Managing Conflicts to Managing Differences
  • Conflict Management Approaches
  • Putting Conflict to Work: Application        

Fight Nice!
Conflict Management Fundamentals
Workshop Outline

  • Welcome, Intros
    - "My Worst Nightmare...
  • Mod 1: What's So Good About Conflict?
    - Conflict Defined
    - Sources Of Conflict
    - Conflict Reframed
  • Mod 2: Conflict Management Styles
    - Conflict Management Style Assessment
    - The 9 Conflict Management Approaches
    - What's Your Style?
  • Mod 3: Let's "Fight" Nice
    - Skill Practice
    - Application To Work
  • Close: Questions, Comments, Evaluation


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