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Storytelling for communication

We tell stories at work and at home to teach, counsel, rally, encourage and support the people in our lives and to grow businesses. Stories help drive the results we seek establishing relationships instead of associations. And yes, they are even profitable, financially and personally. But telling a simple story is not so simple. That’s where Leon McWhorter comes in with content designed to help you paint with broad strokes while allowing creative fine lines to develop enhancing an image while serving your brand.

Speaking and teaching professionally for more than 30 years, Leon is a published author, playwright, screenwriter and filmmaker with extensive experience training professionals in the art of storytelling to assist with marketing, media/talent-training, corporate motivational growth, brand and image development/protection, along with inspirational workshops positioned across all generations. His diverse background with all major media outlets (NBC, CBS and, ABC) including 16 years with The Walt Disney Company in an executive role provided collaborative opportunities with top creative teams on major marketing projects such as Toy Story 2-3, Frozen and The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. Leon was also involved with the launch of Disney Cruise Lines, Disney Junior/ Disney XD cable outlets as well as support of resorts and theme parks.

Leon has deep experience working with major brands such as General Motors, McDonalds, Toys R Us, Nestle, Sony, Horizon Dairy, Conagra, Universal Pictures, and Sara Lee to name a few. Along with corporate events, Leon’s humorous views of reality have been shared with diverse groups such as The National Association of Religious Broadcasters, The Texas Association of Broadcasters, The Harvard Business School Club, The Educational Media Foundation, The Temerlin Advertising Institute of SMU, McCann-Erickson/New York along with various national Media and Broadcast outlets. He is the recipient of Golden Radio, Katy, and Excellence in Broadcasting Awards. His highly interactive motivational and inspirational content brings the audience center stage to show how we all live in the same house but arrange the furniture differently.

Leon was educated in marketing/communication and media studies at the University of North Texas with skills developed in conferences rooms, on stage, and studio lots, as an executive, writer, producer, director, and talent. Working with names like Tom Cruise, Oliver Stone and Stephen King he honed the craft of effective storytelling for executives and teams across the United States. Conversations with recording artists such as James Taylor, Alice Cooper and Joan Jett provided a backdrop for a study of brevity in storytelling for impact and information retention. Comedians like David Brenner and Tim Conway provided insight into humor and when not to use it, truly a slippery slope.

The growth of social media has delivered an audience with expectations to be enlightened, informed and entertained. With over 2 billion on Facebook, 1.3 billion You Tubers, 800 million on Instagram and a mere 330 million Tweeting, the need for great story tellers continues to be in demand.

Make your story memorable, effective and profitable personally and professionally. Leon can help you develop your way with words!

Your success, your legacy is dependent upon your story and how it’s told!


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