Developing Winning Sales & Marketing Competencies

Sales and Marketing are often thought of as 'given talents'...meaning, you are either born with it or you are not.  While a certain sales finesse may be inherent, sales and marketing skills sets are learned, honed and crafted. Much like top athletes, your sales people need to work out their sales and marketing muscles.  You are a thriving company and you have invested in the best computers, software and office space that money can buy.  Can your sales people:

— tell a prospect within 30 seconds why they should send you their business?
— differentiate themselves from the competition on characteristics other than cost?

If they cannot do this with ease, then you need sales and marketing help!  As you know, these are two separate categories.  Sales is the people side of the equation, marketing is more of the message and branding.  We at Wolf Management believe that you need to push up both sides of the barbell to grow your business.  We will work alongside of you to create a customized training and coaching plan to fit your company's needs.   Some of the competencies may include:

  • Consultative Sales Process
  • Cold Calling Strategies
  • Branding

Wolf Management Consultants LLC not only teaches these competencies but we have built our own business upon them.  Let our experts work with your team to grow your business today.



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