Wolf Management Consultants has the privilege of partnering with some dynamic & extraordinary companies and non-profit organizations. These partnerships involve working with each business to align our expertise and experience with some of their unique needs, including long-term strategy, marketing, program development, sponsorships, and working with other similar organizations to maximize their impact on the community.

MomsTown is a national company dedicated to inspiring Moms. We are dedicated to helping moms reach their potential. Over the years, we have truly become the destination for mom entrepreneurs. Whether you have an idea for a business, growing a company, or simply looking for that next great idea, MomsTown is here to help. As a woman, you have an inherent creative power. We call this your ICP. You have the power to create life within you. MomsTown believes when you begin to tap into your ICP you can create any life you want. It's within you. Even if you haven't given birth, your ICP is smoldering inside, ready to burst. This is your potential.

MomsTown has been featured on The CBS Early Show, Dr. Phil, Montel, and countless national radio and local television shows. MomsTown has also been featured in Parents Magazine and Martha Stewart's Body & Soul.

San Diego Ballet
San Diego Ballet’s mission is to excite, enrich, and entertain our diverse audience through an imaginative presentation of quality classical and contemporary dance. From the world premieres of acclaimed choreographer Javier Velasco to our family-friendly Nutcracker, from Mambo to Tchaikovsky to World Beat to Shakespeare, San Diego Ballet offers something for everyone!

The Brian Britt Radio Show
"The Brian Britt show" will challenge your definition of true wealth and help you optimize all of your most valued assets. Join Brian each week as he speaks with some of San Diego's best and brightest luminaries, visionaries and leaders about how you can maximize your life's balance sheet. It's more than just about the money. Hosted by veteran financial expert and portfolio manager Brian Britt, this show explores the different assets that we all possess and how to optimize them. Learn how to improve your physical and mental health, strengthen your key relationships, make a difference in your community and navigate your financial assets through turbulent waters. Tune in for an exciting journey of enlightenment and empowerment towards true riches and happiness.


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