Place: Chicago. Year: 2000.

Jeff Wolf had just completed a successful stint as a CEO for one of the largest healthcare receivables management companies in the country. After engaging numerous consulting firms throughout his career, he imagined creating a single company capable of providing truly innovative solutions to a multifaceted range of organizational problems.

Jeff envisioned a unique team of highly experienced senior practitioners who could deliver unprecedented client satisfaction, improve performance and exceed expectations in three critical areas: consulting, coaching and training. This pivotal focus would allow him to develop long-term strategic partnerships that could effectively address every level of clients’ changing needs.

Over the last seventeen years, Jeff’s concept has become a reality. Wolf Management Consultants (WMC) has grown into an exceptionally diverse firm that offers a broad spectrum of services in today’s volatile, unstable, complex and ambiguous global marketplace.

Recruiting only the finest handpicked consultants, coaches and trainers, WMC is well known for its unparalleled cadre of highly respected experts, who consistently chart pragmatic courses of action that deliver measurable and sustainable results. These consultants are the key to WMC’s success—supremely talented specialists with integrity, creativity and high values who truly listen to, and partner for success with, clients at every organization level.

WMC has experienced dramatic growth over the last 17 years, despite economic downturns. The firm opened its flagship Chicago office in 2000, its San Diego office in 2003 and its Phoenix office in 2009. Plans are under way to open offices in New York and London in 2018.

WMC, considered one of the most comprehensive consulting, coaching and training firms in the world, takes pride in this history and looks forward to future opportunities to provide value-added services to a growing base of national and international clients.


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