Client Testimonials

Prominent corporations and organizations give rave reviews.

"Dear Jeff, enclosed, please find the videos we presented at the finale of our Leadership Development series last month in Chicago. As we reflect on our inaugural series, we are excited about the positive energy and changes we see throughout the company. While Pepper has been working with you and Russ for several years, we want to thank you specifically for the leadership and coaching you provided to our leadership team through this training.

As a company, we made a purposeful decision to invest in our people during a difficult economy hoping it would challenge them to a new level that can be leveraged by our company for future success. From selecting The Leadership Challenge, by Kouzes and Posner, to coaching our senior leadership team in facilitating the training, we appreciate your flexibility and the way you customized your approach to our organizational needs. We recognize it probably made your jobs harder, and we are grateful for the extra efforts you gave. Our goal was for the training to be transformational, and that's exactly what you delivered. The final Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) results, as compared to the start of our program, represented an overall increase across all five practices for the group. Individually, over the past 18 months, we have seen some of our emerging leaders take on new positions and new levels of responsibility within the company. We also witnessed a new level of ownership being taken in our strategic planning process that is impacting the entire company.

All of this would not have been possible without you and Russ. Russ's analytical approach to our organization combined with your personal motivation and energy translated to our group, and we walked away from each session excited for the next. Now that this first series is over, we look forward to continuing our partnership as we plan our second leadership series. Thank you again for an outstanding experience and for the impact you are making on our company through the leadership development series."

William McCarthy, President, Pepper Construction Company of Indiana

"Jeff: I want to let you know how effective your Teambuilding Program has been for our staff. We were experiencing difficulty communicating and the staff and management appeared to be drifting apart and losing continuity. For whatever reason, the dynamics of our team were changing and creating pockets of turmoil, frustration and confusion.

Due to the complex nature of our campus and the demands of our client, we cannot be successful without good communication and continually strive to learn and excel at all that we do. Your understanding of the essence of the team dynamic was apparent and you customized a teambuilding program which addressed our specific needs.

Through your efforts, we spent a productive day refreshing and rebuilding the elements of a successful team to get back to where we need to be. Great job!"

Glenn Wickliffe, Chief Engineer, Colliers International

"We asked Wolf Management Consultants, Inc. to assist us in a session to discuss and settle retail channel strategies for Sony Electronics. Cliff Saunders was the lead moderator who helped lead a wide range of discussions and opinions. After setting up an evaluation framework, I was pleased to see how Cliff was able to assist us in finalizing a clear strategy and implementation plan. The team at this meeting was very experienced and professional, raising the bar very high for Cliff to moderate and help lead the discussions. The results were clear and implementation has successfully started. I was very pleased with the work, style, and professionalism of the Wolf Management team, specifically Cliff Saunders."
Stan Glasgow, President/COO, Sony Electronics Inc.

"We were looking for a company that could help us train our Market Analysts to use our in-house tools and become more strategic in their recommendations to our clients. We had utilized Wolf Management Consultants, Inc to help us develop a negotiations training program and turned to them again to develop a training program for our team of over 150 analysts. Once again they came through with a unique program that fit our goals. The materials were well developed and written, the exercises kept the training interesting and interactive, and the information was well received by the people who participated in the training. It's been a very successful program."
Dave Gusse, Vice President, Strategic Print Marketing, Newspaper Services of America

"Jeff, just a quick note to thank you and Jim McCarthy for the assistance that you provided to us as we began our strategic planning effort; with Jim’s help we have adopted the Prometheus process as developed by John Warden as our strategic planning methodology. The method has provided us a way to achieve our future picture quickly and broadly. We now have a more thorough understanding of the external forces which can affect our ability to provide service in the future. We also better understand the critical elements of our internal system that must change if we are to achieve our future picture. Thanks for the support during this process."
Michael P. Bolton, Deputy Executive Director, Strategic Services, Pace Suburban Transit

“Our Company has always been avid fans of Wolf Management Consultants and when it came time to re-brand our company we asked them to assist us. They developed an impressive on-target identity/logo that reflected the high standards of our company, and then produced a graphically animated website for us that was market-positioned to show our industry leadership.

We had absolutely no doubts concerning the service and expertise we would receive. Jeff Wolf continually followed up and took an active interest in what we were trying to achieve. We were on a tight schedule and Jim Lienhart and Carol Blomstrand met all deadlines without any hesitation or problems. In short, we received the utmost in professionalism and they exceeded our expectations.

Our company now has a new look, new mission and business is better than ever. We appreciate the time, effort and attention to detail to help take our company to the “next level”. The experience was amazing and we look forward to working with Wolf Management Consultants for future business needs.”

Ellis Rubenstein, CEO, Renovated Metals

"Wolf Management Consultants did an excellent job designing a two-day teambuilding event for my organization. We had several new colleagues join our team recently, and I had a sense that a retreat was needed to enhance internal communications. I asked Susan Spale to design a workshop that would help to integrate the new members into the existing group to create a very high-functioning team. Susan did a very thorough job of interviewing staff members so that she had a clear sense for our organizational culture and challenges. She tailored the workshop to our unique needs and was also very flexible whenever on-the-spot suggestions were made to modify the agenda she had planned. Feedback from our team after the workshop was extremely positive, and we have seen improvements as a result of the workshop. I would definitely use Jeff and Susan again and highly recommend them."
Amy Short, Chief Operating Officer, The Chicago Public Education Fund

"Jeff, I want to thank you for delivering the Consultative Approach to Business Development and Overcoming and Handling Objections workshops at Caremark's annual sales training conferences the past two years. The feedback from our sales team has been tremendous!

The programs were informative, entertaining and the hands-on exercises made it easy to incorporate the information into our sales process. Sales people can be a tough audience, but you did a terrific job of motivating and educating them and the survey feedback validated that everyone came away with great ideas they can immediately take back and implement.

Your ability to customize each workshop was a key to your success as you were able to use our terminology and real life examples which really resonated with the attendees. Lastly, you brought together a wealth of information and put it into a format that was easy to understand and follow.

Jeff, thanks so much for the excellent programs you presented and we look forward to having you back for many more!"

Glenn Mitchell, Area VP Specialty Sales – West, CVS CAREMARK | CAREMARK

"Dear Jim, on behalf of BioPharmaPM I want to thank you for presenting at our July breakfast meeting. All the feedback I've gotten has been positive - you provided a wonderfully useful and productive presentation on "Practical Team Launch". The support that you provide is so valuable and welcome for the livelihood of the organization. Many thanks to you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance."

Frances Park, San Diego Vice Chair, BioPharmaPM

"Jeff Wolf and his team at Wolf Management have been instrumental in partnering with Pepper Construction in our strategic planning and coaching initiatives. We’ve worked with Wolf Management on a variety of coaching related opportunities, as well as strategic meetings over the last several years. They’ve done an excellent job of learning our culture, strategies and needs first and then responding with well thought out direction and expertise. We will continue to work with Wolf Management and highly recommend them as partners in business."
Michelle Lieb, Vice President, Pepper Construction Company

"I asked Jeff Wolf to conduct a training for some of our attorneys on public speaking. It was truly amazing to witness the transformation of the group from being uncomfortable standing in front of others to dynamic and interesting speakers. This skill will enhance their work in numerous areas and I am truly grateful that Jeff was able to make such a positive impact in such a short amount of time. I look forward to having more and more of our attorneys trained by Jeff and his team."
Amy Knowlden, Practice Group Manager, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP

"I asked Wolf Management Consultants to design a one-day teambuilding event for my finance department. Although we are a relatively young group, we've been together for almost two years and had accomplished a lot during that timeframe. I asked Kay Zurn to design a day that would not only reinforce what we had accomplished, but would also demonstrate how much more was still available to us by growing further as a team.

She did a wonderful job of meeting with me ahead of time to understand what my goals were, and what I wanted us to learn and take away from this day. She took that information, along with information from the rest of the group and designed our event. The result was a day that was interactive, challenging, insightful, motivating, and above all! Jeff, thanks again to you and Kay."

Steve Kelley, Director of Finance, TransWorld Media

"As part of an ongoing Business Development Program for our directors we engaged Wolf Management Consultants to pilot a course entitled "Connecting With Clients With Confidence". This seven module, time spaced training program was developed by Susan Spale. Susan did her homework on Huron beginning with interviews conducted with the training team and proposed participants to customize a program that was clearly focused on the types of services provided by Huron Consulting Group to our clients. The directors have informed us that they have been able to improve their skills as a result of attending this course and through the course the role play enabled participants to gain comfort using learned techniques in actual client situations. We found Susan to be very dependable, creative and a good instructor!"

Bob Allgyer and Mary Jo Anderson, Huron Consulting Group

“Our firm recently worked with Jeff Wolf and Russ Day, both to co-deliver leadership training with an internal presenter, and to develop and deliver a full day experiential event that would challenge the participants to "live" the theory they were learning in the classroom.

Jeff and Russ did an outstanding job becoming familiar with the underlying concepts of the material and weaving insights throughout the training and the experiential event. Jeff was extremely flexible in working with his co-instructor and added great value by keeping the class on track and sharing his extensive leadership experience with the group. He built a great rapport with the participants in the session, and the participants found significant value in the pairing of the outside perspective with the in-house experience of our internal presenter.

The experiential event exceeded my expectations. The level of challenge provided was appropriate, and at the same time, the participants really enjoyed the session, while learning all the while. I'm still hearing positive comments about the boat races!

I was very pleased with how flexible and accommodating Wolf Management Consultants was as we planned the session together, and look forward to future projects.”

Mary Farias, Manager Leadership Development Programs, BDO Seidman, LLP

“Wolf Management's teambuilding program couldn’t have come at a better time for our company. After a recent reorganization, teamwork and departmental tensions were running high. After talking with Jeff Wolf, we decided to focus on reestablishing the strong bond and teamwork that had existed before the restructuring. As a result, Jeff wove a teamwork and trust theme throughout the various working sessions, and managed to share tidbits of knowledge and insight that every employee could relate to the overall goals of our organization, as well as his/her new role in helping to accomplish those goals. His enthusiasm was absolutely contagious …I’m certain we’ll have him back again. Well done, Jeff!”
Rick Lundy, Director of Business Development, SiteLab International Inc.

"Jeff Wolf provided our physicians an evening workshop in which a framework was developed to reevaluate their responses to the challenges patients in the 21st century present during an office visit. Jeff introduced core values and ideas, addressed “hot topic” questions, and assisted those present to self-evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. We appreciated his positive, energetic approach and his unique knowledge of organizational styles of health care professionals."
Mary Jane Munley, Director of Practice Operations, M&M Orthopaedics, LTD

"The Wolf Leadership Development Program has had a great impact on our beginning and middle managers who participated in it. They have learned how to take responsibility for their own ideas and step up to make them a reality. By doing so, they have grown in understanding the big picture beyond their area, and also the specific needs of other areas. This program has created valuable business results and an enthusiasm and ownership for change
that continues well after the program itself has finished."

Steve Penhall, General Manager, Sycuan Casino

"Wolf Management Consultants was outstanding in their ability to respond to our needs for high quality training. Their trainer, Susan Spale, was flexible in customizing our session to be most meaningful to our employees and did a wonderful job!

I would like to send you a copy of the evaluations, which were top notch, so watch for them in the mail. Meanwhile I will provide a few of the comments for you:

"Her enthusiasm was engaging and we can all use this information. The video was
wonderful and very helpful.”
"Nice energy and good dresser!" (thought you would get a smile there!)
"Really great message. It really helps you focus on how we can change the world in a little way every day."
"Dynamic speaker - fun to listen to!"

Thanks to Wolf Management, our training was a success!"

Julie Zuidema, Hospice of Northeastern Illinois

"Jeff Wolf went above and beyond the requests made of him for our 1st Annual Administrator's Retreat. The group of Administrator's in attendance truly appreciated the personal interaction between their colleagues as well as the energy which was present. We were told not only was Jeff excellent, he was the best ever in his field! We had an awesome retreat and we owe it all to Jeff for bringing his energy to our team of Administrator's.

Thank you for partnering with us. We look forward to working with you in the near future."

Ann Lee Burton, Midwest Orthopaedic Network, LLC

"Conducting effective and efficient negotiations has become a critical skill set for our company's ongoing success. Our business has grown rapidly. We move our people into different roles rapidly and often. With this growth we realized it was becoming more and more critical for more of our workforce to possess negotiating skills and they needed to acquire them quickly, especially since many of our new hires were less experienced. We needed help. The real kicker was we had only three months to design and implement a comprehensive course on negotiations, tailored to our industry for nearly 100 employees with varying skill levels that could be administered by us.

Wolf Management Consultants arrived on the scene in the form of Susan Spale, an articulate, energetic professional who in short order acquired a deep understanding of our business and industry. It is insufficient to say that they worked doggedly to meet our deadline or that they delivered a great product. Both statements are true. The training program received high marks from all attendees and we're already beginning to see results. What is most important is that Wolf Management Consulting became industry experts in our field and developed a relationship with us that had value far beyond the mere assigned deliverable. As we continue to grow and evolve we hope to have other opportunities to share insights and work together toward the successful achievement of our longer term goals."

Tim Rodriguez, Vice President, Newspaper Services of America

“Jeff, I want to thank you and Susan Spale for the great job in developing and presenting the Project Management training here at SANDAG. Susan went the extra mile and met with us over a period of two months to customize the training for our agency. Then she allowed time to conduct a "dry run" with the task force and experienced project managers here. We critiqued and she tweaked. Susan was always very responsive. She understood when we said we wanted to develop a project management culture here and went beyond the regular course in helping us to instill that. The fact that she helped us develop forms and also used the already existing SANDAG forms made the class easier for our staff.

As we move farther away from our base as a planning agency into an implementation/construction agency, the Project Management training will stand us in good stead. Project Managers are already starting to use the Project Charter concept and that ties into our budget process. Also, Critical Path was never made so clear. And if nothing else took, the time savers such as putting the deadline in the introduction or subject line of voicemails and e-mails is a huge benefit!

Again, thank you. I look forward to a long association with your firm.”

Leslie A. Campbell, Director of Administration ,San Diego Association of Governments

“Jeff was hired to coach and support our leadership team through a complicated organizational change. His upbeat candor, willingness to listen, and sensible style helped us develop better working relationships, focus on team goals, improve customer focus, restore balance, and deliver results. Jeff’s practical analysis and sound advice helped me embrace a new role within our team that requires clear focus, innovation and leadership that is essential for organizational effectiveness, sustainability and business results.”

Kaye Shipley, National Director, State Government Affairs, Abbott Laboratories

“After a dozen replies to our RFP, Wolf Management placed in the number 1 position. Susan Spale, the facilitator with Wolf Management, went above and beyond the requests we made for our Insight Leadership Series, ILS, program. She was innovative, energetic and proactive to get to know our business at multiple levels of the organization in order to develop and implement an outstanding ILS program to our staff level employees. My goal is to find companies that I can partner with for years to come, Wolf Management is the partner for me! Thanks for the great work!!!”

Kelley Rhodes, Mgr of Mgmt Development, NA, Insight

"I wanted to take a brief moment to convey our company’s appreciation for the energetic workshop that Wolf Management Consultants presented to our staff. I know it must have been a stretch to have you travel to the islands but we were extremely grateful you accepted our invitation to guide us through your management training programs.

I know I do not stand alone when conveying that your program will bring many new thought processes to our managers which in turn will help them face the challenges of their positions. Both Susan Spale and Jeff Wolf were consistent in challenging our group throughout the two days. Your dedication to assisting us went beyond the call by your willingness to participate and engage our managers in our separate group meetings and site visit to our facility.

We hope you both enjoyed your trip to Hawaii and we look forward to using all the new skills you have brought our way. Mahalo!"

Eric Zybura, CEO, Royal Hawaiian Movers, Inc.

"In construction, clear and constant communication can often mean the difference between success and failure. Taylor Frager, Inc. recently hired Wolf Management to facilitate a 2 day workshop for our Senior Management team. We walked away closer as a team, understanding very specific techniques to communicate at the Senior Management level and how to communicate to our employees. Our second day led us through a series of exercises to extract some very definable goals for the next year. We are currently using this new set of tools as a platform for developing a long term strategy for our company. Without the leadership of Wolf Management we would be years behind where we are now."
James M. Frager – President, Taylor Frager, Inc

"Jeff Wolf and his team of trained professionals at Wolf Management Consultants worked with us to develop a customized business development class that complimented our already robust training platform. The group of sales professionals who participated in the class truly appreciated the personal interaction between the trainees and the Wolf trainers as well as the energy and commitment which was clearly present. The idea of being able to create a training scenario designed to meet a unique need rather than the requirement to accept and adapt to a canned program was a key element in the overall success of our training experience with Wolf Management Consultants."
Michelle Candland, Managing Director, Sr. Vice President
CB Richard Ellis | Transaction Management

"Wolf Management Consultants recently worked with us to successfully create a strategic roadmap for UCSD Connect. This was intended to identify a sound course of action that would clarify the core business of UCSD Connect, determine how best to achieve balance in our revenue/cost trade-off, enhance our business potential and focus our resources in support of that direction. Wolf consultants worked very closely with the senior management team at Connect and UCSD Extension to craft a core set of strategic actions intended to satisfy the project objectives, including accessing global partners for revenue growth, new programs and breakthrough business strategies and leveraging resources of the leadership council and advisory board."

Greg Horowitt, Interim Director, University California San Diego CONNECT

"We recently engaged Wolf Management Consultants, Inc. to deliver a one-day, intensive workshop on innovation and risk-taking. The course was structured around the Creatrix(TM) approach to team-based, collaborative innovation. This approach leverages the unique talents and contributions of all team members in a synergistic way. The Wolf consultants worked with us to customize their basic course to our specific requirements and preferences. Feedback on the course was positive and there is already interest in rolling the course out to additional members of our engineering team."

Tony Sarris, Director, Information Management Group, Pacific Development Laboratory Unisys - Product Development & Technology

"When we hired Wolf Management Consultants to develop and produce customized marketing training for a diverse group of attorneys at our firm, I was a little skeptical that it would prove to be successful. Not only did the attorneys show up in great numbers, but there was a buzz in the firm for the next couple of weeks. Since the training was conducted, I received many emails praising the customized training. Though Wolf's website boasts many high-profile clients, I can truly say that I felt like one of the major ones. From preparation to follow-up, they far exceeded my expectations. I'm really not exaggerating when I say that they really made a difference in the way marketing is perceived at Marshall, Gerstein & Borun, something that I feel hadn't been achieved in the five-plus years I was at the firm!”
Lisa Glancy, Marketing Director, Marshall, Gerstein & Borun

“The Board of the Klein Chaplaincy Service had the good fortune to engage Wolf Management Consultants, Inc. to conduct the In-Service portion of our Strategic Planning Grant. We enjoyed working with both Jack Gilbert and Jeff Wolf. The consultants took great care to interview the Board members, to develop a clear understanding of the purpose of the Chaplaincy Service, the commitment of the Board to the survivability of the Chaplaincy Service and to develop short and long term goals that could be attainable.

The Consultants were patient with the Board as it took a long look at itself. They kept the Board on track with good humor and great skill. And, finally the Consultants helped the Board articulate goals which had full “buy-in” from the Board. It is with great pleasure that we recommend Wolf Management Consultants, Inc. They display a true understanding of the unique organizational styles of non-profit organizations. Most of all, we appreciate their commitment to our Board even after the In-Service process has ended.

Please feel free to use our letter as a reference for future endeavors. If you have an organization who wishes to make contact with us, please encourage them to do so. I would be delighted to talk to them in person.”

Gila Katz, Executive Director, Klein Chaplaincy Service

“We recently worked with Jeff Wolf and Russ Day to deliver a customized workshop to our entire management staff. We wanted a workshop that would help introduce some of our new key leadership competencies to our managers. The results far exceeded our expectations and the session could not have gone better. Throughout the session, Jeff and Russ were recognized as seasoned professionals with valuable knowledge. Their presentation was informative yet interactive, and educational yet practical. The feedback we received from managers was very positive – from the supervisory level to our CEO. Thanks for a terrific session!”

Stella Wolf, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Applied Systems

"Jeff Wolf conducted a leadership program for our entire management team. Not only did everyone learn key concepts that they could immediately apply to their groups, but we grew closer as a team through the experience. Since our program, I’ve been getting a steady stream of positive feedback from the team. There is no doubt in my mind that we will see a tremendous performance benefit from our training, and we are already clearing our calendars for another workshop later in the year."

John D. Fish, CEO, Hubbard One

“Jeff Wolf and his team at Wolf Management Consultants continue to be an excellent resource identifying core development issues in star performers. The individual assessments have provided valuable insight and helped our staff gain perspective in terms of managing relationships, thinking strategically, and establishing clear, measurable goals for themselves. The key to success of Jeff's team is ensuring the right match between the consultant and client, and the flexibility of a program designed to meet the specific needs of the client. Jeff is the first person we call when looking for coaching.“
Mary Lou Finn, SVP, Human Resources Relationship Manager, Ketchum Worldwide

“The operating framework developed and implemented while working with Jeff Wolf, has enabled the Principles to focus and operate in a manner that supports growth, delivers value and consistently overcomes barriers. Jeff has helped us with the finishing touches, the little things that make an organization truly professional. The strategies learned will continue to benefit our organization in numerous positive ways!”
David Mallin, COO, Claims Pro, Inc.

"As a trial lawyer who has taken over forty (40) civil and criminal juries to verdict, I was skeptical when I was told that Jeff Wolf could help me with my presentation skills. I have frequently spoken at legal seminars and at client presentations and always received good reviews. Boy, was I wrong. He took many of the principles I use in the courtroom and taught me how to modify them for my presentations. Jeff's approach and teaching methods are highly effective. He can help anyone from the most senior partner to a new associate to improve the skills necessary to make an effective and convincing presentation needed to win a potential client. His training is a must for any attorney seeking to hone his or her presentation skills."
Steven Puiszis, Attorney at Law, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP

“I was really rusty at the job search game when I came to Jeff Wolf for his help in finding a new position. After 23 years not needing a new job, I had to reintroduce myself to pretty much all aspects of the process. But that was the easier part of the experience. I have to thank Jeff for his help and direction in coaching me through the mental part of the process, in creating a sense of urgency, crafting an organizational approach, and in developing a pattern of persistence that began to generate real leads and several offers that gave me a real choice. My new position has all the key elements that I looked for, and I have to give just about all the credit to Jeff and his skill at not only providing effective direction, but a level of motivation that sustained me throughout this difficult process.”
Nathan Clark, Strategic Planning, Carol H. Williams Advertising

“Jeff Wolf and his consultants provided invaluable assistance to us during a critical growth phase of our organization. The healthcare environment had been up and down (for consulting) over the past few years, and Mr. Wolf and his staff were able to assist us in addressing these times with cash flow projections, marketing to the right entities and staffing issues. Jeff also helped me achieve personal growth during a difficult time in my life. I cannot say enough positive things about Mr. Wolf and his team.”
Nancy Allcroft, President, Financial HealthSource, LLC

“Wolf Management Consultants delivered two time management seminars to a group of our employees who were not only new to our underwriting department, but new to the insurance business. Prior to the seminars, Jeff and his team met with several of our managers to determine exactly what we were looking for. They even took the time to observe several of our underwriters' work stations. The result was a seminar tailored specifically to our underwriting environment. Feedback from our employees was very positive and well received. The flexible approach Jeff and his team took to develop a seminar to meet our unique needs was highly preferable to a "canned" time management seminar.”
Amy Thienpont, Manager, Human Resources, Shand Morahan & Company, Inc.

"I wanted to take a moment to express our appreciation for the workshop you provided. With this being our first sales training seminar for all of our combined companies, I was concerned about being able to cover training for each area, but your planning pulled through to offer us quite a dynamic workshop.

I have been to many workshops over the years, and by far this was the best one to date. Your staff took the time to interview with many of our people prior to the workshop in order to target specific areas of training. The one and a half day training that was recommended for this session was perfect, as well as all of the topics that were discussed. The interaction with all of the participants maintained enthusiasm and excitement throughout the event.

Since the workshop last week, I have had feed back already with the excitement and energy that we were striving to provide. We look forward to utilizing many of the ideas that were brought up during the seminar. Our continued success, growth and team building in the next year has been inspired from this workshop. I am looking forward to seeing where the year takes us."

John Burrows, President DeWitt Companies Ltd. L.L.C.

“The customized training program fit the needs of my salespeople and was energetic, stimulating and highly motivating. Everyone was completely energized and motivated to go out in the field and apply what they had learned. It was one of the most beneficial training classes that we have ever had."
Judy Friedman, Regional Manager, AT&T

“You gave our company new and practical ideas on attitude, teamwork and customer service that everyone could take back and immediately use."
Barry Stewart, Performance Financial Corporation

“Jeff, your consistent coaching skills, professional experience, ideas, and suggestions helped my career considerably. In the last year I went from the newest producer on the team to the top salesperson for the year. I often refer to the ideas, suggestions, and discussions we had last year to stay motivated and keep my marketing program consistent. I will value the professional skills I gained through our work and will value it as a premier experience in training for my career. I appreciate the skills I learned working with you and believe they will ensure my professional success throughout my career.“
Cathy Bonfield, CBIZ Insurance

“I have been working with Jeff Wolf for over one year now and what we have accomplished together is amazing. He reads my mind and has been able to give prudent, efficient advice to help me lead my team through a difficult period in the economy. We have been able to share just not business issues but personal issues on how I can better balance my life and achieve the same success at work and at home. I chose to work with Jeff because he has no real life experience in the field of business I am in, (I wanted an outsider) but his skills as a leader can translate into any business environment. He has proven this time and time again.”
Jim Gould, General Manager, Sofital Hotel

“Wolf Management Consultants helped our firm, the Wolf Financial Group, design and deliver our first communications training workshop. With the goal of training our managers to both understand our new brand identity and to effectively deliver this message, Wolf Management Consultants partnered with our senior management to design what was a highly successful two-day workshop. I most appreciated their flexibility in designing the curriculum to satisfy our need to both train and educate our managers in the complex world of professional services marketing. The participants were very positive about the experience. In fact, the only downside was that our partners complained that they were not invited!”
Janet Buckstein, Director of Marketing, Wolf Financial Group

“Wolf Management Consultants leadership workshop provided a wonderful set of innovative tools for all levels of our management team. The skills our team gained will provide a strong foundation for the future success of our company.“
Barbara Dari, Director of Human Resources,

"Seyfarth Shaw engaged Wolf Management Consultants to help structure and deliver a first-ever series of coordinated marketing workshops. The aim of the program was to provide practical skills and ideas to attorneys who are sometimes afraid of the business development process. In short, we could not have been more pleased. Susan Spale was knowledgeable about structuring the design and delivery of the workshops and provided the content. Then, she was equally adept at changing it and modifying as we rolled out the program and received "input" from participants. I have worked with many Business Development consultants and have found Wolf to be among the best."
Patricia Luchs, Director of Marketing, Seyfarth Shaw

“Jeff Wolf’s coaching and consultation services have been instrumental in helping me to:

  • Strengthen my effectiveness as a leader
  • Build a strong team and positive work environment
  • Address challenging management issues
His wealth of experience as a corporate CEO and professional coach and trainer enable Jeff to provide practical, expert advice to assist clients in identifying and implementing solutions to real-life issues in the workplace. I was impressed by his commitment to get to know you as a person so that he can help you develop a customized approach to achieving your professional and personal goals.”
Brian Griffin, Director of Marketing & Public Relations, Delnor-Community Hospital

"I have found that my interactions with Russ Day have provided me with insights that I have used effectively to manage my direct reports. Some of the ideas provided by Russ have helped me address developmental areas in my
own career. His straight forward approach to issues were at times difficult to hear but needed to be said. I do appreciate the help he has provided me."

Shawn McDonald, M.S., Associate Director, Clinical Research, Fujisawa Healthcare

“Jeff Wolf has helped me become more professional and articulate. If you told me six months ago I’d be leading presentations in front of 200 potential clients with confidence and ease, I’d have laughed at you. He gave me the confidence and poise I needed to articulately deliver my ideas and truly shine in my new position. His techniques are easy to follow and implement – and they work. Jeff isn’t just a coach or a motivator. He's a strategic partner and friend that I trust and respect. I’m so thankful for the skills I learned while working with Jeff and I know I'll use them throughout my career. I can’t thank him enough!”

Alison Lanham, Executive Director, Ketchum Worldwide

“Jeff Wolf coached me through two dramatic career transitions: through a job search and in stepping up to a demanding new leadership role. Throughout both, Jeff’s counsel was invaluable. He helped me see my “blind spots”—those traits or habits that I didn’t even realize I had. During my job search, his compassionate yet no-nonsense approach kept me focused on the daily work habits that would lead to a new job. If I thought an offer looked imminent, he reminded me to keep pushing harder, because a job prospect could unravel at any time. It turned out to be wise advice. And in my new leadership role, he broke me of the “to-do list” mentality of a manager and instilled the leadership mentality of an executive. He emphasized the importance of truly getting to know my team members both personally and professionally so that I could better understand their motivations and win their trust while keeping people accountable. I am now a far more effective executive than I would have been without Jeff.”
Mike Aabram, Charleston – Orwig Marketing


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